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5 Tips For Decorating Your Verandah

Verandahs offer a simple and sleek way to add both value and function to your property. If you're looking for inspiration to spruce up your verandah and make it shine, then keep reading on. Decorating your outside space is the perfect opportunity to express your creativity and personality. So why not transform your verandah into a warm inviting area where you will look forward to unwinding after a long day. We've found five ideas that will help you transform your verandah into a place where you will love to relax and entertain.

Verandah Decorating Ideas: 5 of The Best

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1. Plants and Flowers

If you look up to people’s balconies, you will almost always see some plants, or flowers in hanging baskets. Plants and flowers are probably the most obvious choice for transforming your otherwise boring looking outdoor space. Choose a selection of plants that will flower at different times of year, and depending on how much you like gardening, opt for low maintenance plants that will lead little care. Remember to always use heavy plant pots for your veranda, so that your plants will not be blown over in the wind. Read more
Once you have built and decorated your perfect verandah, you will want to keep it clean and smart! Here are some top tips for keeping your verandah in tip top condition!

Tips for Cleaning Your Verandah

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  1. Start by removing all the furniture and other moveable items from your verandah area. You may want to clean these items while you’re at it, as they are also known to collect dust and grime if left for long periods. Then, give your verandah a good sweep, getting rid of all the leaves and debris that is lying around. You can always sweep at the eaves of your verandah’s roof to remove any spider webs that may have accumulated. Read more

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